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Strategize. Organize. Globalize.

We provides high quality training solutions and team building & business development training service to Corporations and industries.  Our services covers wide-spread areas including both hard and soft skills training, and also wellness program. 


Our training programmes delivered via a range of mediums, including outdoor or indoor team buildings, seminars, individual coaching program and distance support, which depends on the training needs.  We provide tailor-made programmes by understanding each company's culture & management styles and their specific needs for development. 

Our founder, Salmon Chow Chiu Kin has training experience for more than seventeen years.   He aims at professional advice, innovative learning & training approach that generate tangible benefits to our clients.   He introduces a new training techniques ~ "Points of You"  from the Western.  He hopes his clients can grow sucessfully not only in terms of their business volume but also in wellness & holistic aspects. 



We believe, TEAM

  • is unique and have their core values and cultures

  • can discover and develop their own “team excellence”

  • can inspire positive change with adequate positive resources

We believe, GOOD HEALTH

  • is essential for holistic development and grow

  • can give us energy to achieve our goals

  • can stimulate positive change


  • To identify and discover each members' unique INDIVIDUAL POTENTIAL

  • To seed with POSITIVE ATTITUDE

  • To develop the BEST practice for each unique TEAM

Human Plus+.  Proudly created by Salmon Chow since 2016

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