Points Of Your Academy

我們期待這一天已經有2年多的時間,而這天終於來到了!今天,我們向你介紹全新的Points of You AcademyPoints of You Academy 是一個全新的學習體驗。我們邀請您參與這個成長的旅程,於旅程的途中擴闊視野及增長知識。Points of You Academy 是世界知名的專業創作人的聚集地。Academy 帶領你一步一步地走進Points of You的世界。我們開始吧!想知道更多有關的資訊可與我們聯絡,或 Email: info@humanplus.online   T: +852-94379783.

We’ve looked forward to this moment for the passing two years, and finally it has arrived. For the first time ever, we are introducing to you the new Points of You Academy!

Points of You Academy is an experience of learning. It is an invitation to expand our observation and knowledge while participating in an ongoing personal and professional journey. Points of You Academy is a home for creative professionals from all over the world that enables a smooth transition into the Points of You world. 

For more information, please contact us or Email: info@humanplus.online   T: +852-94379783