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International Recognition Certification Program

Transformative Coaching:
An Evocative Inside-Out Approach

Transformative Coaching:
An Evocative Inside-Out Approach (Class 7)
Premium ICF Approved Online Coach Training Program 


A fresh, leading-edge approach to engineer change


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What matters most for you is to deliver impactful results for your clients and support them to experience a change that is not only deep but sustainable in the long haul. You will learn how to use a simple, yet profound conversational framework – Awareness, Clarity and Choice Conversation TM to enable people to reflect deeper and expands their thinking capacity.

Coach Masters Academy is one of the leading coaching academies, our course is delivered through a combination of learning and practical sessions with real-life coaching conversations so you can understand how to practically apply your skills.

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What sets our coach training apart from the others in our industry is our proprietary transformational approach. Drawing on our many years of research and practical fieldwork on how to effect positive change, it carefully blends the science of Positive Psychology with the theories of transformative learning.


The framework is so robust, and you can apply it to a wide range of coaching contexts including executive coaching, leadership coaching, performance coaching, life coaching and career coaching

Isaac Wong ~ 當初是甚麼原因會選擇 Coach Masters Academy 學習coaching?


Program structure

Our course is delivered through a combination of learning and practical sessions with real-life coaching conversations so you can understand how to practically apply your skills.

Core Transformative Online Training for Professional Coaching

Accelerated Learning Track

This level of training comprises of 7 phases of learning, and you can expect to complete it within 6 months

  1. Learning Lab  – 28 hours

  2. Peer to Peer Coaching – 4 hours

  3. Practical Lab – 20 hours

  4. Self Study – 8 hours

  5. Continual Enrichment Learning – 8 hours

  6. Mentor Coaching – 3 hours

  7. Final Assessment – 4 hours

Total of 75 hours of training under the ACSTH accredited program

Polly ~ 完成了Coach Masters Academy的課程,最大的得著是甚麼呢?

Program overview

Module A: Fundamental of Transformative Coaching

The coaching conversation is a special conversation. As the primary vehicle for the coach to deliver the coaching, it is a conversation in which the Coach is speaking and listening with a total commitment to help a person to succeed. This is the most important module where students learn how to create a safe psychological space for their client to articulate what is not only known, but what is unknown to their conscious mind, as well.

•3rd Generation of Professional Coaching

• 4 Coaching Paradigms

• Reflective Inquiry Process

• Applying positive psychology

Module B: 
Transformative Principles

Perspective transformation leading to sustainable change is the result of active and deep listening. It fuels the coach’s capacity to ask powerful questions that directs the attention to areas that have not yet been considered, enabling new understanding through thoughtful and reflective thinking. In this module, we will cover the transformative principles required to create a powerful perspective transformation.

•Power of Observation

•Narrative Element of the Story

•Narrative Layout of the Story

•Narrative Experience of the Story

Module C: 
Transformative Process

The ACC Conversation expands people’s capacity for awareness and enables greater clarity in understanding. The coaching process stimulates reflective thinking resulting in a powerful shift in thinking to align their greatest inspiration with action and hold them accountable to their decision. It is a deep and focused coaching conversation that shifts the attention from a situational context to personal awareness, thus uncovering how people construct their own meaning, understanding what really matters most, and then using this emerging understanding to create a clear path forward. 

  • Awareness-Clarity-Choice

  • Determine Focus for the Conversation

  • Uncovering the Dynamic Gap

  • Facilitating Growth & Accountability

Course Details


Date & Time: 

1. Learning Lab: Saturday 25/2 ~ 15/4/2023  (Total of 14 sessions, 28 hours)

  • 25/2/2023    9:30am to 4:30pm (3 sessions)

  • 4/3/2023     9:30am to 2:00pm (2 sessions)

  • 11/3/2023     9:30am to 4:30pm (3 sessions)

  • 18/3/2023    No Learning Lab due to start of Peer to Peer Coaching (students organize themselves to practice)

  • 25/3/2023    9:30am to 2:00pm (2 sessions)

  • 1/4/2023      9:30am to 2:00pm (2 sessions)

  • 8/4/2023     9:30am to 2:00pm (2 sessions)

  • 15/4/2023    No Learning Lab due to the start of Peer to Peer Coaching (students organize themselves to practice)

2. Peer to Peer Coaching – 4 hours

  • 11/3 to 15/4/2023

  • 4 sessions of 1 hour each student, totaling 4 hours per student, timing to be organized by students

3. Practical Lab – 20 hours

  • Weekday evenings from 17/4 to 23/6 ~ 10 sessions of 2 hours on Mon, Tue or Thu each week,  totaling 20 hours  

  • Which day of the week will be agreed upon amongst students and supervisors

4. Self Study – 8 hours

  • Pre-work & reflective exercises 8 hours

5. Continual Enrichment Learning – 8 hours

  • including observing Live Coaching and Professional Coach Development topics

  • 18/3 to 23/6 ~ 4 sessions 8 hours, No specific dates and topics yet, and it will be announced in Nov 2022.

6. Mentor Coaching – 3 hours

  • 10/5 to 23/6 ~ 3 sessions 3 hours, timing to be organized between student and mentor coach

7. Final Assessment – 4 hours

  • by 7/7/2023 ~ 30 minutes recording at ICF-ACC level with transcript ~ 4 hours


Target: This program is highly suitable for

  • Managers and leaders looking to expand their capacity to apply coaching skills in their work context to achieve sustainable results

  • Individuals aspiring to help others to experience deep and lasting change

  • Anyone seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the science to create a powerful perspective shift


Course Mode: Zoom with lecture, group discussion, demonstration, and case sharing

International Recognition Certification Program

Upon completing all the course requirements, you will earn the certification as a Certified Professional Transformational Coach under the ACSTH accredited program, which would support you in your application for your ACC Credential.

CMA Certifcate-Sample.jpg

Coach Trainers & Supervsors


Leona Profile.jpg
  • Professional Coach & Facilitator

  • Professional Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation)

  • Master Coach and Certified Trainer (American Board of NLP)

  • Master Trainer of DISC Flow® (DISC Asia Pacific)

  • Certified Box Facilitator (InnoGreat)

  • Certified Points of You Coaching Card Expert (POY)

  • Certified Hogan Practitioner (Hogan Assessments)

  • Certified Coaching Clinic® Facilitator (Corporate Coach U)

  • Master Coach and Certified Trainer DISC Flow (DISC Asia Pacific)

  • Certified DiSC Trainer (Everything DiSC)

  • Certified GENOS EI Leadership Coach (GENOS)

  • Bachelor of Business (University of Technology, Sydney)

  • Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA Australia)

  • Director of Training in Hong Kong for (CMA) Coach Masters Academy,

  • Founding member of IAF (International Association of Facilitators) Hong Kong Chapter,

  • Member of HKIHRM (Hong Kong Institute of HR Management), APAC (Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches), and the HKICC (Hong Kong International Coaching Community).

Mr. Salmon Chow, ICF-PCC, ABNLP, Strength Coach

  • Professional Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation)

  • Certified Strengthsfinder Coach (Gallup)

  • Designing Your Life Certified Coach

  • DISC Flow Certified Trainer

  • Certified The Coaching Clinic Facilitator (Corporate Coach U)

  • Global Career Development Facilitator, Train the Trainer Program (CUSCS)

  • Global Career Development Facilitator (CUSC)

  • Certified Behavioral Consultant – DISC (HKMA)

  • Foundation certificate in Life Coaching (HKU Space)

  • MBTI Administrator (CPP Pacific)

  • Certificate NLP Trainer & Master NLP Practitioner (Innerspace Counseling Service Ltd.)

  • Certificate of Adventure Education Trainer (The City University)

  • Certificate Program in General Counseling (CUSCS)

  • Master of Business Administration (The University Of Leicester)

  • Producing Results With Others II (PRO II) (The Management Development Center of Hong Kong)

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certification Training (The Wholistic Centre)


Application of Associate Certified Coach (ACC),      issued by International Coaching Federation

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential-holders are trained (60+ hours) and experienced (100+ hours) coaches. They have demonstrated knowledge and emerging proficiency in the application of the ICF Core Competencies, Code of Ethics, and definition of coaching. Earners show a commitment to high ethical standards and have demonstrated, through rigorous assessment, professional competence in their work with clients. The ACC must be renewed every three years.

如果有朋友考慮報讀CMA coaching的課程,Mona會怎樣說呢?

Chloe ~ 完成了Coach Masters Academy coaching的課程後,對的生命有哪些改變?

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