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I am a dreamer

*I am a dreamer* 4 years ago I attended a Points Of You@ trainer certification training program in Poland and it was such an inspirational one. I would say it was a life changing experience to me.

During the past years, I never thought that I will facilitate any training in the language other my mother tongue. Having finished such inspirational program, I asked myself if I could be one of the facilitators one day to inspire people all over the world. Because of my dream, pushed me leaving the comfort zone to purse it .

Last year of May, I did my 3rd supporting and facilitating in Taiwan. I slept only 3- 4 hours per day in order to give my best to the participants. it was worth it when we saw the participants getting insight and transformation.

It was also my privilege to know different great people all over the world in Taiwan this time. All of the participants are really amazing. The most important thing is that they all have a such beautiful hearts

Of course, there are a lot of people helping and supporting me behind the scene in this amazing Journey. I would like to thank:

Points Of You Co Founders, Efrat Shani and Yaron Golan. Marek Wardecki, May Sj Soriano Iaru Trujillo My English teacher, David Henry Shatin Evangle toastmasters club My wife - Daisy Chong

Last but not the least, it is never too late to pursue your dreams.

#Pointsofyou #payitforward

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